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SCBWI Ireland Midlands Social (July 2017)

By Eileen Moynihan

midlands social july 2017

Photo: (left to right) Ann Gerety Smyth, Eileen Moynihan, Paul Smyth (son of Ann), Dan Flynn, Majella Reid

The summer SCBWI Ireland Midlands Social took place on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 in the Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre. This time, we had a very enjoyable and productive critique morning, with participants bringing samples of their work to read aloud and to get feedback from the rest of the group. We had a wide age range present from 5 years old to 70 years old. The time for reading and response was divided up between the number of people taking part. Some people brought extra copies of their piece so that others could read the text while listening.


midlands social july 2017 fun

Photo: (left to right) Dan Flynn, Majella Reid, Cara Martin, Paul Smyth, Lily-May Smyth, Ann Gerety Smyth, Eileen Moynihan

The pieces shared for critiquing were:

The Night I Met Pinkus Gonzales Junior” by Dan Flynn

The Adventures of Tim Jones” by Majella Reid

A Special Friend” by Sally Martin

A Poem for Grandad” by Cara Martin

The Dreamsmith” by Eileen Moynihan

 “Albert the Accountant and his Amazing Abacus” by Ann Gerety Smyth

midlands social July 2017 Eileen

Photo: (left to right) Ann Gerety Smyth, Eileen Moynihan, Lily-May Smyth, Paul Smyth

Here's what people thought about the social event:

“Really enjoyable morning.” Majella Reid

 “We really enjoyed this morning. Very productive too.” Sally Martin

“It was a lovely morning.” Ann Gerety Smyth

“Good to have the childrens’ contributions’…they’re the real judges……great experience!” Dan Flynn

midlands social july 2017 - kids

Photo: (left) Lily-May Smyth  (daughter of Ann Gerety Smyth) and Cara Martin (granddaughter of Sally Martin)

Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in this lively discussion. Special thanks to Sally Martin for the photos. Enjoy the summer break and see you again in the autumn.